Individual preparedness is just one small piece of the puzzle. If you have an idea or a problem to report:

☐ Call your city councilperson or dial 311

☐ Call your U.S. Rep

Build your community plan. NYC’s Emergency Management’s Strengthening Communities program gives $ grants $ to existing community groups to develop needs assessments, maps of community services, and resource directories, and more. The 2023 application is open through Dec. 2.

☐ Find your community board (sometimes, if 311 is not fixing an issue, bringing it to your community board can help you organize with your neighbors and elevate the problem with the right city departments )

Contribute public comments to the Army Corps of Engineers new plan for NYC coastal resilience  by Jan 6.  

☐ Connect with orgs doing resilience + preparedness work: over 1,000 orgs in the coalition. (And many more local orgs with neighborhood-specific info like Portside NY and the Coney Island Beautification Project .)

☐ And, find a mutual aid group in your area:

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