Sign up for Notify NYC here or by calling 311. During or after a storm, you can also call 311 to report a problem (we know, it’s not perfect, but still worth a try).

Get real-time, local flood info! shows how deep flooding is in 25 places across the city where sensors measure the water’s depth using ultrasonic technology. You can check this site during a storm to learn how deep the flooding is near you. Don’t see your neighborhood? Suggest a sensor location as the project grows.

If the power goes out, your phone might not work! With a  walkie-talkie, you can connect to local amateur “ham” radio operators in an emergency. Set your walkie talkie to channel 1 and ask for help. This is part of the National SOS Radio Network

Connect with your neighborhood email list-serv, Facebook group, or block association (some are listed here). The folks near you will be your go-to when you can’t go far during or after a big storm.

  • NYC Emergency Management also runs a Facebook group where you can find reminders and information before, during, and after a storm event

Find a favorite go-to local news source that you can count on for emergency info.

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